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Is your home making you sick?

Health risks associated with mold

Paso Robles mold damage restoration specialists Central Coast Casualty Restoration has extensive training and experience with mold damage restoration. Mold is a serious issue that plagues many homes here on the Central Coast and beyond. Left untreated, mold can cause a host of health issues.

Understanding mold

Mold is always present. It travels through the air in spores, which are kind of like mold seeds. Unless an environment is totally sanitary, there will always be some mold spores present in the air. Problems really arise when dampness collects somewhere, mold spores latch on and begin to reproduce or colonize.

A mold colony that is large enough to see is large enough to cause health issues. Mold colonies are very common behind and inside of walls, so oftentimes, a visible patch of mold on a wall is a sign of a much more extensive issue.

Mold is not toxic, per se, but the mytotoxins that it produces, (i.e. it’s spores) are. Mold spores can be particularly detrimental to those that are susceptible to respiratory issues.

Health problems associated with mold

-Upper respiratory issues
-Nasal irritation
-Mental fog
-Skin issues

Mold can have a serious toll on your health. In some extreme cases, death has even been reported.

If you think that there is a mold colony in your home, and are curious to see if it is what’s considered, “toxic mold,” do not attempt to clean it yourself!

The cleaning process can release an exponentially higher concentration of mold spores into the air. It is imperative to call professional mold removal experts such as Central Coast Casualty Paso Robles mold damage repair specialists.

Central Coast Casualty Restoration is located in Atascadero, California, and services all of San Luis Obispo County.

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