Atascadero Mold Damage

At Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. we take great pride in the mold damage removal and restoration work we do. Because your family’s health and safety are the number one priority, our reputable mold damage Atascadero team uses the best mold containment and remediation practices for both residential and commercial buildings.

mold damage atascadero

Not only are we a licensed general contractor, but we’re also licensed mold removal specialists. So, you can rest easy knowing that Central Coast Casualty Restoration knows what to do and how to do it – the right way, every time. Our approach to mold damage Atascadero style is simple: first we determine the appropriate protocol to remove the mold; then we cordon off the area to contain the mold; and next our team uses state-of-the-art HEPA filtering equipment to effectively remove mold and moisture from your home or office.

Central Coast Casualty Restoration takes mold mitigation seriously and our dedicated team of mold damage Atascadero experts take continuous education and certification classes each year to stay current on the most efficient ways to keep mold from coming back.

Once the mold is removed, we’re right there every step of the way to help you remodel and rebuild any damaged areas.

Here at, Central Coast Casualty Restoration, we offer a full suite of mold damage restoration and construction services making us your go-to service provider in the Atascadero region.

·       Atascadero mold inspection

·       Atascadero mold damage removal

·       Atascadero residential repair projects

·       Atascadero restoration

·       Atascadero remodeling projects

·       Atascadero mold remediation

·       Atascadero mold damage estimates

·       Atascadero mold mitigation

·       Atascadero commercial mold damage rebuilds – and the list keeps growing!

Moisture and mold can hit anywhere even in the scenic cities along the Central Coast. Whether it is a leaking pipe, significant water damage or the after effects of a fire, mold can grow and pose a health risk. Traditional methods of cleaning mold are not typically effective and often make the mold issue worse.

The Atascadero mold damage restoration expertise that we at Central Coast Casualty Restoration have is unmatched by any other service provider in the San Luis Obispo region. With over 30+ years of experience removing mold and keeping it away, we have the skills, the tools, and the well-trained staff to handle mold cases from the mild to the severe.

Call Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc., Atascadero mold damage repair experts today at (805) 466-5419.