The Importance of Timeliness When Repairing Water Damage

Few words strike such fear in the hearts and minds of homeowners and renters alike than water damage. From a small faucet leak to a washing machine disaster, it is common for many people to take to the internet and try to dry the area themselves. But here’s the rub: While it may be possible to dry the surface of the water damage, it is the speed and precision of the drying process that plays the most important role in protecting belongings and property. The good news is that Central Coast Casualty in Paso Robles is equipped with top-of-the-line technology in dealing with water damage.

Below are examples of common issues that arise after a leak and why timeliness is of the utmost importance:

1) Leaks cause wood to warp and swell
The longer water sits on wood floors, or is left to drip onto or behind wooden cabinetry, the more likely water damage will result in the need for full replacement of wooden structures. Our professionals use the industry’s most powerful drying equipment to ensure every drop is dried as quickly as possible.

2) Leaks cause mold
At first glance it may appear the leak is contained and dried. However, mold forms quickly; especially in a climate like Paso Robles. Not only is mold a serious health risk, its presence quickly depreciates a structure’s value. Taking immediate action after water damage drastically reduces the chances of mold formation. Our professionals are trained to find water that might be trapped inside hard to reach places; thereby mitigating the chances of mold growth.

3) Leaks damage electronics
Most homes are filled with expensive electronics that are highly susceptible to water damage. Without proper attention and drying procedures, many will need to be replaced. It is imperative that professional action is taken as quickly as possible to keep electronics and appliances in working condition.

Central Coast Casualty and Restoration, Inc. in Paso Robles has the trained professionals and cutting edge technology to make sure the damaged home or office is fully restored after a water damage event.


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