Atascadero Kitchen Remodeling

Atascadero Kitchen Remodeling

Every year, hundreds of Atascadero homes undergo the process of recovering from a kitchen disaster. Though wrestling with the insurance company, contractors, and the other stresses that come with a restoration project can be a hassle, every kitchen flood or fire can have a silver lining. It’s a chance for a fresh start with the help of kitchen remodeling masters at Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc.

Why Remodel After a Kitchen Disaster?

Good question! Plenty of people expect professionals to just return their home to the way it was before a kitchen fire or flood. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A home restoration service is just as qualified to install a new kitchen as they are to recreate the old one!

Think of your kitchen restoration project as a blank slate: you get all the benefits of kitchen restoration and the bonus bells and whistles of a kitchen renovation!

Insurance Coverage

Many kitchen restoration experts work with homeowners insurance to cover restoration costs while reducing new renovation expenses. The result? An affordable update and appropriate use of home insurance all in one!

Reduced Hassle

Let’s face it: finding the right contractor for two kitchen projects is a nightmare. With a restoration expert who also provides remodeling services, you’ll receive smoke, mold, and structural damage expertise and restoration that will adequately prepare the kitchen for new updates. Plus, you’ll know for sure that the restoration professional will install the new kitchen with preventing kitchen disasters in mind.

Guaranteed Expertise

Fire and flooding disasters need appropriate restoration to prevent mold growth, smoke damage, or health hazards in the home. Without proper restoration, any new kitchen updates will not last and will require another replacement project. Working with a restoration and remodeling expert saves time and guarantees a level of care most renovation contractors simply cannot provide.

What Should I Expect Post-Disaster?

What Happens Before Remodeling?

Kitchen remodeling post-disaster starts the same way all disaster recovery projects do: calling in the experts. Depending on the situation that needs remediation, either flood or fire restoration techniques will begin.


Before any remodeling or restoration commences, disaster restoration companies will inspect the property for risks and damages. You can expect an estimate of restoration costs at this time, but a full list of remodeling costs typically come later on in the process.


After a disaster, homes require professional cleaning that varies depending on the cause of damages. Most professional restoration cleanings include some of the following:

  • Water extraction and removal
  • Mold remediation, removal, and prevention
  • Soot and smoke removal
  • Air scrubbing
  • Odor removal and prevention
  • Wall, floor, and ceiling cleaning

Professional cleanings ensure that the surfaces and structures of a house are ready for updates.


Depending on the extent of water or fire damage, the materials damaged, and the chance of proper restoration, the restoration team will remove and replace materials. These removed materials are usually parts of the kitchen that you want to upgrade, like the flooring, cabinets, walls (paint), and wall fixtures or appliances.

Remodeling Preparation

Once the professionals have installed new drywall, removed the waters and smoke left behind from the disaster, and gotten their fans and vacuums out of the way, the remodeling preparation begins. The restoration process always includes the necessary steps that initiate a remodeling project: sealing surfaces.

Consider sealing as the foundation of any remodel or restoration that makes a project last for decades after completion. Before professionals lay new paint, floors, or fixtures, every exposed structure that experienced smoke, mold, or water damage needs sealing against further damage or residual substances. Sealing will prevent any smoke or water stains from seeping through new paint or cabinetry.

What Happens During Remodeling?

Once the restoration process concludes, remodeling can commence. But what should you expect during the actual restoration process?

Start by Identifying Areas of Remodeling vs. Restoration

Remodeling and restoration frequently work together to create the perfect new kitchen for your house. Perhaps your home has gorgeous original wooden floors you’d rather have restored versus torn out and remodeled? If that’s the case, the restoration process typically takes care of that. But any areas you want to add new fixtures or features to occurs during the remodeling process.

Common Areas of Remodeling (And How Disasters Damage Them)

  • Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the easier fixtures to replace for a fresh look in the kitchen. They also tend to be the surfaces that get scorched during a cooking fire.

  • Floors

Floors are frequently the victim of flooding damage. After flooding damage, many homeowners like to update their floors with new tile or waterproof vinyl flooring.

  • Appliances

Installing new stove ranges, islands, and high-tech lighting are popular upgrades that homeowners like to invest in post-disaster. These fixtures tend to experience staining, warping, and deterioration from kitchen fires and flooding.

  • Plumbing

Plumbing fixtures frequently damage themselves and the surrounding kitchen structures thanks to burst pipes and leaks. If a pipe or plumbing appliance has been a recurrent issue, many homeowners choose to install new plumbing to solve the problem. These upgrades range from pipes to new sinks or dishwasher installation.

  • Countertops

Countertop upgrades freshen up any kitchen. After a fire, countertops may become warped or discolored, and vinyl or synthetic countertops experience similar damage from water exposure.

Choosing the right parts of a kitchen to restore versus remodel may be a confusing process for homeowners. Instead of trying to juggle the tough decision alone, reach out to Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. Our experts will be with you every step of the way. They will guide you through the restoration and remodeling process. Give us a call today to start your stress-free kitchen restoration and remodeling project.

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