Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup

Biohazards and trauma are messy situations that demand professional help to resolve. There are many hazards of handling biohazard/trauma cleanup, which is why a trained professional with the proper protective equipment is a must. Biohazard scenarios have specific instructions for cleanup, sanitation, disposal, and safety processes by the CDC.

When you’re facing a trauma scenario or a biohazard scene of any kind, we can help. Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. is licensed, insured, certified, and specially trained to handle this type of work safely and effectively. We’re on call 24/7 and we can be there right away, even in the most challenging situations.

We make every effort to treat your situation with discretion and compassion. No matter what you are experiencing, we are here for you.

What Qualifies as a Biohazard?

Biohazards are determined by the CDC and are classified based on the level of risk associated with the hazard. Any scenario that poses a threat to humans in some way is considered a biohazard. The rules regarding these scenarios are designed to protect people from exposure to harmful bacteria, viruses, disease, and more.

These are the most common biohazard scenarios:

When facing any of these unfortunate scenes, it is very important to follow containment, removal, disposal, and sanitation procedures.

Chances are you are already going through enough. Let us take this stress off your shoulders and ensure everything is handled safely and discreetly.

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What Is Required for Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup?

Both OSHA and the CDC have very specific protocols to follow when it comes to biohazard and trauma cleanup. The CDC manages biohazards and determines what they are and their level. OSHA manages what safety equipment is required based on the level of biohazard.

The rules are very specific, with the lowest threat level requiring minimal protection. However, the higher threat levels require full body suits and breathing apparatuses. Most scenes that contain blood or bodily fluids are in the higher levels simply because you don’t truly know what you might be exposed to.

Biohazard exposure and training applies to people who clean up scenes like these as well as healthcare workers when specific viruses are present or possible. The process doesn’t just include cleanup, either. There are several standards that must be met:

The cleanup is just one part of the process and what you notice the most. Just know that there are many moving parts to cleanup and taking care of any biohazard or trauma situation.

Day or Night - 24/7 Response

The CCCR Process for Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup

Because these scenarios are typically very sensitive, we have a specialized approach to handling them. You won’t see us coming in with flashy vehicles and lights that draw attention to your scene. We will never make a show of cleaning for biohazard or trauma at residences, businesses, or industrial sites.

We treat every situation with discretion and compassion for all those involved. We are properly licensed and certified to handle biohazard cleanup. We also have all of the best protective equipment for our specially trained teams.

Our process works like this:

  1. Respond to your call for biohazard/trauma cleanup. We’re available 24/7 and can dispatch a team right away at any time. 
  2. Assess the situation to determine exactly what equipment and protective processes are needed. 
  3. Provide you with a complete plan of action and details for what to expect during the process. 
  4. Initiate protective measures and containment protocols to ensure no further contamination or exposure occurs. 
  5. Complete the cleanup process following all guidelines. 
  6. Full sanitation of any exposed items and materials. 
  7. Safe disposal of materials following the required processes. 
  8. Complete any necessary restoration, deodorization, or cleanup as needed. 

What to Do When You’re Facing a Biohazard or Trauma Scenario

The first thing to remember is that you are not alone. No matter what your scenario might be, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. You may be facing emotional and mental stress, grief, and many other emotions. The last thing you need to worry about is the handling of the scene.

Let us take this burden for you.

If there is a death, crime, or legal situation, your first step should be to call the authorities. They will need to process the scene, and in some cases, an investigation may need to occur.

Once you’ve got first responders handling their part, you can give us a call. We’re available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to call right away. We will start processing the scene as soon as it is cleared for us to do so. In some cases, we may have to wait for investigative purposes while the scene is processed by authorities. We work closely with the responders to ensure their needs are met.

While the cleanup process is happening, you should find shelter with a loved one or in a hotel. This will give you the time to get away from the scene and take care of yourself. Be sure to lean on support and tap into local resources as well.

Let CCCR Handle Your Biohazard/Trauma Cleanup Needs

At Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. we take great pride in offering high-quality customer service for every situation. We’re here for you, and we will stand by you at every step of the cleanup process. Our teams are highly trained and certified to handle this type of cleanup, and we will make sure it gets done right so your space will be safe and clean again.

Contact us today for biohazard or trauma cleanup. We’re here for you.

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