Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are an awful situation that no home or business owner wants to deal with. Unfortunately, you can’t always predict when a pipe will burst, and you can’t always prevent it. In the US, nearly 250,000 homes are affected by burst pipes each year. The majority of them are from frozen pipes, but there are other causes as well. When a pipe bursts, it can leave extensive damage behind.

You need a company you can depend on to help you clean up the watery mess, dry things out, and work through any cleanup and restoration from the water damage. Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. can handle your burst pipes and the aftermath of damage they leave behind.

What Type of Damage Does a Burst Pipe Cause?

Most pipes that burst are hidden within the walls, beneath the floors, or underneath a cabinet. When a pipe bursts, it is at a vulnerable or random place on the pipe. The water pressure that was flowing through your pipes is suddenly bursting out into the open.

If it’s behind a wall, it will likely burst through the wall. The same can be said for cabinets or beneath floors. It simply depends on where the pipe bursts and where the water goes. A standard pipe flows at several gallons per minute. That means when a pipe bursts, you could have several thousand gallons of water suddenly rushing into your structure.

If you aren’t home or you don’t catch it right away, the water could be up to 10,000 gallons within just a few hours. That’s a lot of water! It will seep everywhere it can, flood the surrounding areas, and leave behind extensive water damage.

What to Do When a Pipe Bursts at Your Structure

Dealing with a burst pipe is often a shocking scenario that will easily send you into a panic. It is important to try to stay calm. The first thing you need to do is get the water stopped. If you have a nearby shut-off valve, then use it. If you do not, get the water shut off at the main right away. This will stop the water from gushing through the pipes and into your structure.

You need to respond quickly. Once you get past the initial panic and get the water shut off, call CCCR right away. We are available 24/7 so we can deploy a team to your structure any time of day or night when you experience a burst pipe situation. We can help you mitigate damage, clean up and dry out water-soaked materials, and restore your space from water damage as well.

Day or Night - 24/7 Response

Be Proactive Against Burst Pipes

In California, we don’t really see a lot of freezing temperatures, but there are times when we might see dramatic temperature drops. Another thing that often causes burst pipes in our areas is overgrown tree roots that lead to a major blockage. The blockage will cause pressure to build up, and then the pipe bursts in response. Shifting soil, unnaturally high water pressure, corrosion, and disrepair are all underlying factors that may lead to a burst pipe.

While you can’t prevent every burst pipe, you can be proactive and limit the risk of it happening to you. If you are in an area that experiences temperature drops or freezing temperatures, you can insulate vulnerable areas against those temperatures. In our area, where this is less likely, you can be proactive with maintenance and pipe care. The better care you take of your pipes with routine flushing and ensuring pipes are in good condition, the less likely you are to face an issue like this.

The CCCR Process for Burst-Pipe Scenarios

While we hope you never experience the shock and damage of a burst pipe, we’re here for those who do. Our teams are available 24/7, and we’re ready to help you even at the most inconvenient times. Call us right away so we can get to work quickly and help reduce your total losses.

Our process typically works like this:

  1. You call and we immediately send out a team to your structure. 
  2. Upon arrival, we will inspect the situation, assess the damage, and ensure we understand the extent of all the damage and how to best help you. 
  3. We will create a plan of action for water extraction, drying up water-soaked materials, and working through cleanup and restoration as well.
  4. Your project manager will keep you informed and communicate with you every step of the water damage restoration process. 
  5. When work is complete, we do a final inspection to ensure your needs have been met. 

We work closely with you to ensure we are taking care of your needs. Since we are a fully licensed contractor, we can take care of everything from the initial water extraction and drying process to all restoration and reconstruction needs. We can even help restore and clean up the contents of your structure that were affected by the water damage.

We work directly with insurance companies and have experience working through claims processes. This takes one more burden off your shoulders while we take care of everything for you. Our teams are highly trained and have all the necessary equipment to handle every step of the process. We’re here to help you through it.

Count on Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc to Recover from Burst Pipes

When you’re facing a burst pipe, contact us right away. We will be there quickly to help you work through damage mitigation, complete structural drying, and total water damage restoration. Our locally owned and operated company has been serving the Central Coast area of California for 30+ years. We believe strongly in community and take great pride in offering high-quality services for every situation.

Contact us right away for your burst pipe repair and restoration needs. You can count on us.

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