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When you face structural damage from wind, fire, water, and other issues, it is not just your structure that is affected. Of course, the structure is an important part of it that needs to be cared for. But what about your personal possessions and items that aren’t structural or furniture? Many times, these items can be salvaged with some restoration. Pack-out processes are perfect for the items that need to be cleaned up and restored.

In addition, when this damage affects your structure, sometimes you need more than just cleanup and restoration. Reconstruction allows us to rebuild for you in a sense. Both of these services are designed to meet your needs when you’re facing devastation, damage, or any other catastrophe to your structure.

Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. has extensive experience with pack-out restoration as well as reconstruction. We are a fully licensed contractor, which means we can help you with everything from initial cleanup to full reconstruction and all the steps in between. Count on our company to be there every step of the way.


Pack-out is the term used for packing up contents that need to be moved out of the way or cleaned up and restored. We provide a thorough process of helping to assess these items, inventorying every piece we pack, and ensuring your items are returned and accounted for.

The pack-out process allows us to pack things and move them away while restoration and reconstruction happen. It also gives us the chance to help clean up and restore damaged items if needed.

Many times, personal items, rugs, furniture, and other pieces can be saved and don’t always have to be tossed out. More than that, you need a safe place to store items while the work on your structure takes place.

We follow a very specific process to ensure your items are accounted for and safe. This provides you with reassurance on the protection of those items. It also provides us with a safeguard against any possible misunderstandings. Before any item is packed out, it is pictured and inventoried.

Here is how our pack-out process works:

In terms of storage for your items while reconstruction occurs, we have a secure location. However, we can also provide on-site storage for you through a POD or storage container if needed.

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Restoration is defined as repairing items to the exact condition they were in prior to the damage occurring. Restoration typically only covers things like basic drywall, painting, and minor repairs. Most restoration companies will help you dry things out and clean things up. They may make some repairs, but their capability may be limited.

That’s not how it works with Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. We are fully licensed contractors, which means we can help you reconstruct any damaged areas. Reconstruction differs from restoration in that it is a full rebuild process. With reconstruction, everything can be rebuilt, and some changes can even be made during the reconstruction process. The concept is meant to bring back your structure even when it has extensive damage.

Reconstruction can be handled following many different types of damage. Here are a few examples:

When damage leaves behind devastation, you don’t just have to suffer through it. Count on CCCR as a specialized team that can help you rebound, clean up, and completely rebuild.

Working with CCCR on Pack-Out and Reconstruction

We can pack out for any type of damage, even when total reconstruction is not needed. However, it is most common when there is extensive damage and reconstruction is required. We use a comprehensive approach for each of these processes to ensure you get the service and care you need while also taking care of the contents of your structure. We can handle every part of cleanup and restoration from your damages.

Here is a quick look at our process:

  1. We receive your call for help. We’re available 24/7 and can dispatch a highly trained team quickly. 
  2. We will assess the damages to plan for what needs to take place. 
  3. We create a comprehensive plan and detailed estimate so you know exactly what to expect. 
  4. You are assigned a project manager to ensure open lines of communication. 
  5. We will work through the pack-out process first, taking photos and inventory and carefully packing items to move them to a secure location. 
  6. We will then execute the plan for reconstruction and cleanup, staying in close communication throughout the whole process. 
  7. Once reconstruction is complete, we pack in your contents and inspect them with you. 

When we are finished, we’ll ensure you are satisfied with the work and service you receive. No job is complete until you are happy with the results. Reconstruction can sometimes be an extensive process. You will likely need to have plans for a safe place to stay throughout reconstruction.

We can also work directly with your insurance company. We are approved by many companies and have experience understanding what they need to process your claim.

Trust CCCR for Your Pack-Out and Reconstruction Needs

Whether you’re facing minor damage or extensive devastation and damage, we can help. As licensed contractors, we can handle every step of the process and can get started right away. We are on call 24/7, so we can be there as soon as you need us and see you through it all.

When you need reconstruction or restoration, trust us to help! Contact us right away so we can get you, your structure, and your belongings taken care of and get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

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