How To Deal With Commercial Water Damage

How To Deal With Commercial Water Damage

Commercial water damage is no laughing matter. Aside from being a time-consuming process to fix, water damage is also dangerous. Water damage to commercial buildings poses risks to employees, customers, equipment, and building structures. Most people don’t know what to do when water damage strikes, but being prepared will resolve the entire ordeal faster and more safely.

Signs of Water Damage

Sometimes water damage sneaks up on business owners. Flooding is an apparent source of water damage, but there are far more common hidden sources of water damage in commercial buildings. Business owners and employees should keep an eye out for these signs of water damage and reach out to professional water damage restoration experts like Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. when they’re spotted.

  • Water Stains

Water spots around the sink are not a cause for worry regarding water damage, but stained ceiling tiles, floors, walls, and carpet are causes for concern. They indicate that water has constantly been settling on certain surfaces.

  • Musty Smells

No customer wants to walk into a business and find it smelling like mothballs and mustiness. If a business owner notices a dank smell in the building, there’s probably an unknown source of water causing damage somewhere nearby.

  • Increased Water Bills

Hidden sources of water damage will eat away at a building’s efficiency, and business owners will see spiking water bills as a result. Though high water bills do not always indicate water damage, they often come in tandem with other signs.

What Causes Commercial Water Damage?

Several factors may cause water damage in a building, and identifying the source of the damage is the first part of the restoration process.

  • Plumbing

Burst pipes, clogged sewers, and leaking fixtures are typical sources of water damage. In the winter, burst pipes flood buildings, while pipes may corrode and start to leak over time. Suppose the source of water damage happens to be sewage. In that case, business owners are looking at a much more complicated restoration process, as sewage poses serious health risks and requires additional care when cleaning and repairing a building.

  • Weather

Atascadero is no stranger to heavy rain, flash flooding, and other severe weather conditions. Extreme or ongoing weather issues can produce water damage in a building unable to handle the strain from the weather.

  • Poor Drainage

Drainage and plumbing problems frequently go together. A building with poor drainage might experience foundation cracks, or the gutters and drains can produce puddles of standing water around the building and can cause minor flooding.

  • Roof Leaks

Holes and cracks in the roof allow rain and snow to enter a building. Over time, these leaks can damage the building’s structure and may cause flooding from the ceiling.

  • Windows

Unsealed or damaged windows allow rain and snow to enter a building. If this moisture is allowed to build up, mold and mildew can thrive in the walls and insulation near the window.

  • Water Fixtures & Appliances

Businesses with large amounts of water-using appliances, like dishwashers, showers, and toilets, may experience water damage if these appliances leak or overflow into the building.

What Should Business Owners Do When Water Damage Happens?

When water damage is suspected or identified, business owners should address it immediately. The longer water damage is allowed to exist, the greater the extent of the damage will be. 

  • Call Insurance

The first step in any commercial water damage situation is to call the insurance company. Many commercial insurance policies cover water damage, but the process can’t start until the client files a claim with the agency.

  • Shut Off Water and Electricity

If water has flooded an area or impacted the structural integrity of a building, it’s essential to cut power and water to the site if possible. Even small amounts of water can increase the risk of electric shock, and if the water remains on, more can flood the impacted area. Business owners may need to contact a maintenance company or the city to have the water and electricity taken care of, depending on the situation for their building.

  • Evacuate and Avoid

Depending on where the water causing damage to the building is coming from, there may be biohazards, chemicals, or other hazards in the area. After finding water damage, immediately evacuate the building to avoid exposing customers and employees to unknown dangers.

  • Call a Water Restoration Specialist

After business owners have evacuated the building and notified their insurance provider, it’s time to contact a water damage restoration specialist. Business owners should never attempt to fix water damage on their own. Water damage restoration companies have years of training, special tools, and permits to safely remove any chemicals, bacteria, or pathogens in the area and operate safely around any electrical obstacles or damaged structures. Insurance may not cover any injuries or damages caused by untrained individuals trying to fix water damage by themselves.

  • Expect Closures and Business Limitations During Restoration

Understand that water damage restoration is a lengthy process, particularly in commercial cases. Commercial buildings are more complicated than homes. The added factors of employees, belongings, the size of the building, the complexity of the plumbing and architecture, and the rigors of working with an insurance company make the entire process a bit of a headache. However, a reliable water restoration service like Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc (CCCR, Inc) can handle most of the stress, leaving business owners free to take care of their employees and customers.

When water damage throws your business off course, let Central Coast Casualty Restoration, Inc. get it back on track. Our experts use the latest industry technology, decades of experience, and our dedication to excellent customer service to make water damage recovery as seamless as possible for our clients. Give us a call today at (805) 835-3189 for all your commercial restoration needs.

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